About Us

Blaylock™ Industries, Inc. was established in the 1970s by Arnold Blaylock American Metal to service the construction barricade light business. After identifying a need for quality permanent mold aluminum castings, Blaylock American Metal™ grew its product line to include:

  • Thief Hatches for steel and fiberglass tanks used in the oil and gas, agricultural and petrochemical industries;
  • Hose Tube Doors, Tie Down Brackets and Name Plates for the tanker truck industry;
  • Coupler Locks for un-attended trailers; and

Blaylock American Metal™ maintains complete control of its supply chain and manufacturing process, ensuring the highest possible quality and 2-week delivery times in nearly all instances. The company processes 9 tons of aluminum a week with its 9 furnaces and 2 Hall tilt machines, has the ability to heat treat to T5 and maintains an in-house tool and die maker, and machine shop.

Purchased in 2013 by new owners, the company has been rebranded as Blaylock American Metal™, a new name signifying potential and opportunity, while maintaining its global focus and pride as a manufacturer Made in the USA.