Made in America

Made from quality cast aluminum Stainless steel latch spring provides snug fit
Available in: 4 1/2", 6 5/8" & 8 5/8" for 4" 6" & 8" PVC schedule 40 pipe. Padlock tab provides for greater security
All sizes in inventory for immediate shipment Hinged for convenient access
End caps available in all sizes. Aluminum saddle bracket and U-bolts available for 4 1/2", 6 5/8" & 8 5/8" tubes. Door equipped with rubber gasket for weather-tight seal

Protects and safeguards your tools and equipment
Ideal for utility pick-ups, trucks and vans.
Copper tubing Electrical Service Companies
Plumbing Supplies Plumbers
Disconnect Sticks TV and Cable companies
Valuable Tools Telephone Vehicles
Sensitive Instruments Contractors & Surveyors